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Building Your Own Ethical ABA Business



Please join us Wednesday, September 7th from 3:30-5:00 PM (EST) as Wall Street Journal & USA Today Best Selling Co-Author, Brett DiNovi, BCBA and CEO of the largest OBM/ABA therapy company in the world discusses strategies on how to run a business. His scaling of companies from $ zero to 8 figures in 6 States for over 18 years speaks for itself.

Brett leads the discussion with Jason Golowski, BCBA, COO and Isaac Bermudez, BCBA, Vice President of BDA California. Isaac joins the discussion adding value as an “intrepreneur” himself by building BDA California from zero to a total of over 8 million in 3 years. All while maintaining ethics and quality. Intrepreneurs build their businesses WITHIN their company that allow leaders in an organization to be entrepreneurs in their own right. With profit sharing, everyone is their own boss while building an empire for their families with all the resources needed from a larger company.

Lauren Scuito, Chief Financial Officer joins the discussion to provide strategies and financial practices business owners must know.

As you may have noticed, the unethical behavior of certain large ABA companies who have suddenly shut down with no notice to families or employees. This is very bad for the learners we serve and in the end, it is the customer that suffers. BDA is one of the companies with the values of a BCBA-owned & family-operated business. Nearly all ABA Companies of large scale have sold their family-owned business over to investors.

This will be an interactive live-streamed webinar with live Question & Answer all throughout the Zoom. 1 CEU will be offered for this webinar.