3 Required CE’s Of Supervision For Re-certification: Leadership Summit



This Leadership Summit was conducted by Dr. Robert LaRue BCBA-D, Brett DiNovi, BCBA, Pierre Louis BCBA, & Jason Golowski, BCBA & fulfills the following objectives:
1. Discuss the current coursework and experiential requirements to obtain the BCBA credential & skills required to exceed applications of the BACB task list items
2. Discuss the importance of the scientist-practitioner model for training
Review behavioral skills training strategies
3.  Discuss strategies for ensuring training effectiveness.
4. Identify pay for performance contingencies that produce higher rates of clinician engagement as compared to being paid on fixed interval schedules.
5.  Discuss how to implement organizational behavior management (OBM) strategies that use variable ratio schedules of reinforcement, changing criterion designs and differential reinforcement of high rates.
6. Identify aspects of behavioral skills training and the relationship to ACT principles when training parents and caregivers.
7. Discuss critical skills required for leadership and training of teachers implementing behavior intervention plans for the general education and behavior disorder population.


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