Key Performance Indicators To Rapidly Scale A Business With Quality 1 Type II CE



1 Type II CE

Brett DiNovi, BCBA
CEO DiNovi Associates
Pierre Louis, BCBA
Executive Director of Training & Leadership Development
Matt Linder, BCBA
Executive Vice President
Joe Kendorski, BCBA
Executive Director

Pinpointing, measuring, and changing behavior that impacts key performance indicators (KPI’s) to rapidly grow a human service organization is achievable through the use of behavioral science. In fact, when executed with precision, this can result in massive scaling of services to impact many lives while creating economic opportunity for many employees. This panel is comprised of practitioners that are CEO’s and executives that are doing this on a daily basis and provides specific actionable leadership behaviors that achieve massive organizational growth while maintaining the utmost quality through precise measurement of KPI’s. Executives on this panel have produced peak employee and organizational performance resulting in employee retention rates exceeding 97% annually and doubling in revenue each year. The principles of organizational behavior management (OBM) that drive successful KPI trends must cascade through the fabric of three levels in any organization. Those levels include the individual employee level, the departmental level, and organization-wide level. Specific KPI’s discussed are employee retention, employee engagement, employee recruitment and selection mechanisms, profit & loss, stakeholder feedback, utilization of authorized service units, diversity of funding, social media metrics, staff training and competency, fluency of accounts receivable, cash flow, and adherence to regulatory body compliance standards. Behavior analytic principles run through the fabric of each system to monitor and produce peak organizational performance in all these areas are analyzed.


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