Training and Keynote Presentations

  1. An Insiders Guide to Tactics Used By Attorneys In School Litigation
  2. Improving 3 Measures in Schools: 1) Prevent classification due to behaviors, 2) decreasing suspensions & disciplinary action, 3) Maintaining LRE & FAPE
  3. Fading One-to-One Staff in Schools To Maintain LRE
  4. "Growing Up With B.F. Skinner" Description Published in Operants Magazine p. 38
  5. 30 Function Based Behavior Interventions
  6. 6 Scientific Time Management Actions For Leaders
  7. Skills Training Using Fluency & Precision Teaching For Typical Learners
  8. Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Training & Certification
  9. Certificate in Basic Applied Behavior Analysis Principles for School Instructional Aides (6 hrs) *Groups of No Less Than 20 Participants
  10. Improving Performance Through Principles of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)
  11. Preventing Bullying in Schools
  12. Legal Issues When Schools Provide ABA Services & the Use of Restrictive Procedures
  13. Analogue Functional Analysis in the Natural Setting: Engineering the environment to investigate the causes of behavior problems
  14. NJ DDD Funded Adult Services
  15. Functional Behavior Assessment in Homes & Schools
  16. Movement Matters Behavioral Science Driving Fitness
  17. "Crisis Training in curriculum focusing on Positive and Safe methods"
  18. How & When To Use Physical Prompting & Protective Holds
  19. Entrepreneurship: How We Grew From 3 Employees to 400 Clinicians
  20. An On-Site Training to Train School Personnel How To Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments While Systematically Fading Outside Consultation
  21. Positive Behavior Support for General Education Students
  22. Scientific Leadership For School Administrators, CEO's & C-Level Executives
  23. How to Transition Your Students Back to an Appropriate Program Within Their Home District
  24. Evening Parent Training
  25. Basic & Advanced Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
  26. Quality Indicators for Development of an Autism School Program within Your School District
  27. How to Facilitate Social Skills Groups
  28. Effective Classroom Strategies for Paraprofessional Staff
  29. Best Practice Assessment & Treatment Strategies for Individuals with Autism: Practical Interventions in Real School & Home Settings
  30. ABA Strategies for Individuals with ADHD, ODD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Behavior Disorders
  31. Consultation Strategies in School Systems at 3 Levels: Individual Student Level, Classroom Level, and School Wide
  32. Improving staff morale, decreasing sick time, decreasing staff turnover, and improving procedural integrity of behavior plan Implementation
  33. Top 5 Ways To Ruin Your Reputation As An Ethical Leader