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Position: Vice President of Organizational Systems & Dissemination & Director of School Consultation
Location: NJ
Certification: M.A., BCBA

My name is Kate Wiamer, I serve as a behavior consultant at Brett DiNovi & Associates. I am the Vice President of Organizational Systems & Dissemination & Director of School Consultation. In the district setting I assist staff within the general education setting as well as special education programs. During the academic school day I overlap with registered behavior technicians, clinical associates and district staff. During my overlaps I am able to conduct assessments, collect data, assist in making sure the behavior intervention plan(s) are being followed with the utmost treatment fidelity, create treatment plans as well as collaborating with administrators. Within my role as a director of school consultation I serve as a liaison between district administration and our team of directors at Brett DiNovi and Associates.
In the home setting I work with learners diagnosed with behavior disabilities and/or learners with special needs. Within home programming I’m able to assist in creating social skills outings to shape socially appropriate behaviors within the community setting.
After work hours I assist in creating leadership meetings for behavior consultants, clinical associates and registered behavior technicians. The meetings promote a positive culture within the company, serve as learning opportunities for staff and shape an overall support system.
In addition to leadership meetings I also sit on a clinical review panel within BDA. During clinical reviews we assist and collaborate with staff on tough situations they may be experiencing within the district setting, homes and in the community when providing ABA therapy services.