In-Home ABA Consultation

In-Home ABA Consultation

The goals of applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment are unique to each learner & based on what is developmentally appropriate. Treatment starts with developing a personalized plan through a detailed assessment of behaviors, skills, and preferences along with input from family, educators, & caregivers. The assessment helps determine what is trying to be communicated through undesirable behaviors and strengthens alternative adaptive behaviors while providing a measurable framework for treatment.

Treatment can help:

  • Identify and reduce challenging behaviors such as aggression, self-injury, unsafe behaviors, self-stimulatory behaviors, or repetitive acts
  • Strengthen and maintain replacement behaviors that serve the same function as the problem behavior in an appropriate manner
  • Increase desired behaviors social interactions, communication skills, and access to safe outings into the community
  • Teach functional life skills such as toileting, dressing, eating, personal self-care, job readiness, and self-monitoring of these skills
  • Strengthen academic skills – ABA can produce rapid increases in skills such as reading, writing, and other skills through the use of precision teaching and fluency.
  • Verbal behavior – Using various assessment tools, we’ll assess your learner’s communication needs to develop a customized intensive training program to strengthen all forms of verbal behavior and communication.
  • Address various socially significant behaviors in children and adults who require support related to behvioral health, autism, or ADHD diagnoses

Accepted Funding Sources:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Amerihealth
  • BCBS
  • Cigna
  • HighMark
  • Horizon
  • IBX & IBC
  • Keystone
  • Magellan
  • Medicaid NJ
  • Medicaid PA
  • Meritain
  • Optum
  • United Healthcare

For more information, or to enroll your child, contact our Insurance Specialist, Linda Mitchell at [email protected]