Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)

Organizational Behavior Management

At Brett DiNovi & Associates, we take a family-first, value-centered approach. This philosophy, engrained across the fabric of our organization, applies to both the families we provide clinical support to, as well as the families of our employees. In fact, it’s not unusual for employees to refer to one another as “BDA Family” because of the unity that can be found throughout. So strong is our culture, that we maintain an above 90% retention rate in a field where 40-60% retention is the norm. In fact, our organization, in existence for almost two decades, is on track to earn more than 50 million dollars under conditions where many other organizations are failing. Our secret sauce…science. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk by applying Organizational Behavior Management, or the science of human behavior for making a positive difference in the workplace, across every aspect of our company through our cascading coaching model. Our approach, practical and therefore easily scalable, is guided by the 5 scientific laws outlined in our best-selling book, Behavioral Karma: The 5 Scientific Laws of Life & Leadership

Our OBM consultants, equipped with the 5 laws, are poised to support the various and nuanced needs of your organization through data-based decision-making and evidence-based interventions to help you produced valued and sustainable outcomes. Some of the key services we offer include:

  1. Training – Rooted in instructional design, our training procedures are evidence-based and produce measurable improvements in trainees.  The premiere training we offer includes:
    1. The 5 Scientific Laws of Leadership & Management
    2. Deliberate Coaching: A Toolbox for Accelerating Performance
    3. Training customized to meet the pinpointed needs of your organization
  2. Coaching – Where training is focused on skill-acquisition, our coaching focuses on supporting the transference of skills into the natural environment.  We offer a “coach the coach” model to ensure sustainability.  Whether it be coaching executives, managers, or supervisors, we are prepared to equip your organizations with the practical application of the science of human behavior for improving performance and producing valued outcomes.
  3. Assessment – through performance diagnostics and behavioral systems analysis, our consultants are prepared to help you analyze the entire organization as a system to better identify areas of improvement that will produce the largest positive impact on the organization.


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