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5th Annual(2019) ABA Leadership Summit 5.0 Type II Learning CEUs


BDA’s 5th Annual Leadership Summit with Webinar includes the following presentations:

5.0 Type II Learning CEUs

  • Recovering from a Public PR and Ethical Disaster: Lesions Learned That You Won’t Get in an Ethics Class, Sarah Trautman, BCBA (CalABA & BALC)
  •  Increasing Employee Engagement through Culture Change, Brett DiNovi, BCBA (Brett DiNovi & Associates)
  • Balancing Organizational Variables in a Five-Step Leadership Process, Nic Weatherly, PhD, BCBA-D (Florida Institute of Technology)
  • Mentorship: To Infinity and Beyond! Isaac L. Bermudez, BCBA (Brett DiNovi & Associates: California)
  • Deliberate Coaching: The Role of Organizational Coaching Systems in Culture Change
  • Women in Leadership Panel, Sarah Troutman, Gianna Biscontini, Shannon Biagi,  Jennifer Harris, Marlene Selfridge, Heather Cooper, Amanda Mecker, Lauren Haley