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Serving the needs of consumers with Autism and related Disabilities in California

Brett DiNovi & Associates California LLC (BDA Cali) is a branch of Brett DiNovi & Associates, LLC and was established in 2018 to serve the needs of individuals with autism and related disabilities in California. BDA Cali shares the corporate mission of “expanding the world’s collective wisdom of behavioral science” by offering high-quality ABA services to our clients and families, providing world-class mentorship and training of our staff, and offering our community events and resources that disseminate the power of behavior science in changing the lives of others.

BDA California is committed to providing quality focused and comprehensive ABA services to our clients. Our team of dedicated Board Certified Behavior Analysts will work with your family and funding source to secure an authorization, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your child’s needs, and implement a treatment plan that will support your child make progress and overcome the needs identified in the referral. BDA California uses the latest in assessment tools and treatment strategies to support your son or daughter’s growth and advancement.

To support our services, BDA California operates the Operant Learning Center (OLC) in Orange, CA. The OLC is a state-of-the-art clinic that is able to serve individuals of all ages to address their unique needs. The OLC aims to create an enriched environment so we can get rapid motivation so your child can make progress. We then implement a generalization plan so your child demonstrates this progress in your home and community.  Take me there.

How to receive services

  • Talk to your insurance company or funding source about receiving services through BDA Cali
  • Contact our Director of Insurance Services, Vanessa Buelna, at [email protected] 
  • Vanessa will work with you to assess your eligibility for ABA services
  • Once an authorization is received, a BCBA will be assigned to conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment

Funding Sources

We accept the following insurances:

  • Aetna
  • Alvord Unified School District
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • CalOptima 
  • Cigna
  • IEHP
  • Fullerton School District
  • Fullerton Joint Union High School District
  • Long Beach Unified School District
  • Magellan
  • MHN
  • RCOC-805
  • Saint Joseph
  • Optum
  • Value Options/Beacon Health
  • UBH
  • UMR

Join the Team

Interested in working with the BDA California team? For current open positions, please visit us on Indeed.

Our Locations

4050 W. Metropolitan Ave
Suite 100
Orange, CA 92868
3200 Guasti Road
Suite 100
Ontario, CA 91761
17777 Center Court Dr
Suite 600
Cerritos, CA 90703

Contact Us

Contact our Executive Director of Insurance Services, Vanessa Buelna, at  [email protected], or use this form.

Changing Education & The World
With Behavioral Science

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)
Comprehensive assessments of a child including interviews, questionnaires, direct observations and experimentally manipulating variables to identify the root of the issue(s). A treatment plan is then created, with parental consent, to address what you’re most concerned about.

Home-Based ABA Services
Individualized ABA services in your child’s most natural environment – your home. We assign a core clinical team to implement a treatment plan and work with you to ensure you learn the latest and most effective strategies that benefit your child so you feel confident in supporting your child when your ABA team is not present.

Clinic-Based ABA Services
Clinic-based services are available to provide your child an enriched environment to acquire skills rapidly, practice learned skills with peers, so they can then generalize back to their home environments. Visit the Operant Learning Center (OLC).

Early Intervention Services
For learners ages 12-36 months, we offer specialized developmental based services to help identify and developmental gaps. A developmental team that consists of a speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and Board Certified Behavior Analyst will coordinate an individualized program for your child.

School 1-1 Support & Consultation
We are a leader in school-based consultation services across the country. Our trained technicians will support and partner with your school district to provide the recommended assistance needed to help your student(s) access curriculum in the least restrictive educational environment. Contact 949-866-0875 for more information on our school 1-1 and consultation services.

Community-Based Instruction
We offer ABA services that are provided in community settings such as stores, restaurants, parks, and other locations to support the acquisition of skills in public settings. This type of instruction focuses on teaching your child the necessary safety skills, compliance, communication, social skills, and more to successfully navigate unpredictable settings.

Behavior Coaching for Young Adults
Our behavior coaching program for young adults ages 17-30 is aimed at using evidence-based strategies in self management to support what they want in life, create goals, measure their progress, report it out for accountability purposes, identify their progress, and experience the rewards of their accomplishments. This service is a membership-based private pay program that is conducted in a small group clinic setting or remote. Please contact us at 949-866-0875 for additional information.

Social Skills Services
Our social skills program is conducted primarily in our Operant Learning Center, but can also be individualized to run in locations such as parks, community centers, etc. Our social skills program aims to increase progress on program goals that can be generalized amongst their peers. The focus is to create opportunities for social interaction, introduce games and play activities, and work on the generalization of treatment goals within a peer group setting.

Adult ABA Consultation
We offer ABA consultation services to adult group homes, day programs, and other residential facilities. We have leading experts in the field of ABA with decades of experience working with adults with developmental disabilities. Our team will conduct a comprehensive Functional Behavior Assessment and Individualized Emergency Intervention Plan (IEIP).

Remote Supervision/Consultation
We are equipped with HIPAA-compliant technology to offer remote consultation, supervision, and assessment services as well as direct intervention services when applicable. Remote consultation is a great way to offer a non-intrusive solution to support caregivers with a bluetooth earpiece and video conferencing equipment.

OBM Consultation
BDA has leading OBM experts in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, leading under chaos, diversity management, and implementing the 5 Laws for life and leadership. Check out our best-selling book by our CEO, Brett DiNovi, and COO, Dr. Paul Gavoni called Behavioral Karma: 5 Scientific Laws of Life and Leadership.

Our California Team