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Position: Executive Director Clinical Training & Professional Development
Location: NJ
Certification: M.A., BCBA

Brianna has gained a wide array of experience within the subspecialty areas of behavior analysis. Currently, she consults in school districts and homes, providing services to children and adults with autism and varying behavior disorders. She has expertise in ecological and functional behavior assessments, conducting them in both the home and school settings. She provides coaching and supervision in a variety of formats. Her coaching is typically targeted at educators and employees within the organization. In the school setting, coaching is provided to staff utilizing the principles of organizational behavior management to improve performance in the classroom. When coaching other employees, the main focus is improving overall employee performance as the staff continue to grow in their roles. Additionally, she is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, utilizing behavior analysis to coach clients on habit formation, self-management skills, organizational skills, and improving health and wellness behaviors.