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Position: Chief Innovation Officer
Location: CA
Certification: MS, BCBA

First and foremost, Isaac Bermudez is a dedicated and loving husband Nickie, and the proud father of Josh, Emma and our dog, Lucy. Family is everything to Isaac! Professionally, Isaac is the Vice President of Brett DiNovi & Associates California and has been providing services in applied behavior analysis since 1998. Isaac has worked in executive leadership positions in the area of behavioral health for the last 15 years and uses the principles of organizational behavior management to guide the support and growth of organizations. Over the last 15 years, Isaac has led ABA departments, started companies, and grew his last organization over 500% in 5 years, while earning awards for quality of service and employee satisfaction. In addition to Isaac’s primary role as a leader of organizations, he is an invited speaker for state and national associations as well as has co-authored articles and chapters most recently in the textbook on Multiculturalism in Applied Behavior Analysis. Isaac is also the co-founder of the Latino Association for Behavior Analysis (LABA) as well as a mentorship service called Mentorologist.