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Position: Executive Director of Compliance
Location: NJ

Linda started her career consulting for large companies and hospitals as an auditor, after receiving her Bachelor’s from Drexel University.

She started her journey in researching and applying Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in 1997. As her knowledge of ABA as the most effective treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder grew, she committed her time to helping pass the NJ Autism insurance law of 2009, meeting with NJ congressmen in Washington D.C. She also wrote a Disabilities Resource Guide published by her county and created and mentored school district and parent disability support groups, across 3 counties. Linda brought her passion for helping the community to BDA in 2012. Linda is responsible for analyzing current processes and procedures, ensuring compliance and monitoring funding trends to guide the organization. Linda also trains staff and provides feedback on treatment plan report writing and peer reviews based off of stakeholder’s frequently changing requirements.
Linda continues to be a resource to staff, case managers and families to locate and acquire funding for ABA services including school district funding, Medicaid, Insurance and CMO funding. Linda’s commitment to advocating for the best quality services has resulted in countless successful insurance peer reviews and insurance appeals. Linda is responsible for acquiring and monitoring all after school funding authorizations to ensure the company’s services are sustainable and our families and learner’s get the best quality services.