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Position: Chief Strategy Officer
Location: NJ

As the Chief Strategy Officer, Matt oversees and assists with all School District Consultation. As a behavior analyst and a former Special Education teacher, Matt brings a unique perspective to the table. He is able to understand the difficulties of teaching and working in the school environment. Matt has extensive experience working with Autism, at risk general education, and the BD/ ED/ OHI populations. The latter group of students requires an uncommon skill set, in which Matt has found near perfection, often educating others within the field and the agency. Matt uses his knowledge of behavior analytic principles to assist students, teachers, Child Study Team members, and Directors to create a more successful environment in the individual classrooms and schools, globally affecting therapeutic behavior change systems. Along with his presentations for professional development, Matt is a talented lead crisis trainer in the Safe and Positive Approaches curriculum, using his personal and professional experiences to keep the workshops engaging and entertaining.