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ON DEMAND Discrimination Training for Behavior Analysts: Neurodiversity Affirming Practice (No CEUs)


Using an understanding of neurology and behavior science, behavior analysts and parents can
engage in addressing behaviors of concern while being trauma-informed and affirming to the
neurotypes of the individuals they serve.

History & Background:
Brief history and background on why this is important. Reference Neurotribes. Reference the
ND movement. Reference Izzie Goldiamond & Degrees of Freedom. Reference the updated
Ethics for the BACB 2022 (competency and cultural awareness).
Acknowledge that there is a lot of discomfort and heightened emotions surrounding the ND
movement. We are here to discuss behavior analytic approaches using evidence-based
practices and current data on how neurological structure influences behavior and how we can
do better by seeing the whole person rather than being disengaged from the learner.

Skills that behavior analysts can use.
-With the individual (ACT data)
-When creating programming