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Ethics in Leadership with Dr. Bailey, Dr. Page, and the BDA Team – 4.5 Type II Learning CEUs


Join Jon Bailey, BCBA-D, Brett DiNovi, BCBA, Terry Page, BCBA-D, Tony DiCesare, Esq., BCBA, Joe Kendorski, BCBA, and Pierre Louis, BCBA for a full schedule on ethics, including the following presentations:

  • We Have Met the Enemy…: Subtle, Hidden Contingencies Increase Ethics Violations, Jon Bailey, BCBA-D
  • Top Five Ways to Ruin Your Reputation as an Ethical Leader, Brett DiNovi, BCBA
  • Ethical Business Implications for Behavioral Organizations, Matt Linder, BCBA
  • Systemic Ethical Issues, Terry Page, BCBA-D
  • Messaging Our Ethics in SChools, Tony DiCesare, Esq., BCBA
  • Speaking Truth to Power, Joe Kendorski, BCBA
  • What’s Trending: When Coding Meet the Code, Pierre Louis, BCBA