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Neurodiversity and ABA: Practical Strategies for Building Alliances with Communities we Support – On Demand (No CEUs)


Presenters: Summer Mingo, M.ED., BCBA and Jonathan Tarbox, PHD, BCBA-D

Many teachers and school leaders are entering the classroom and schools with visions of making a large and positive difference. They are good people, and they want to make a positive difference. But if you check back in 5 years, you’ll find them exhausted, disillusioned, and oftentimes seeking greener pastures in another school or even another field. Because of the complicated nature of an education system, Behavior Analysts regularly struggle to support the complex needs of students and educators. Even schools that have systems of Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions in place routinely struggle, especially in Title I schools or special needs classrooms. When there is a breakdown in even one part of the system, it impacts the rest. While sometimes this impact is small, other times it can have a large ripple effect that builds momentum like a behavioral avalanche and has a devastating impact across every aspect of a school. As such, when behavioral issues are widespread, Behavior Analysts can’t really consider reducing misbehavior, at least not at the classroom or school level, without making the connection between what happens inside of the classroom to what happens outside of it. This session is will address root causes of performance issues in schools as they relate to behavior management at the classroom and school level; moreover, it will focus on how Behavior Analysts can provide the most effective support using solutions rooted in Organizational Behavior Management to increase collaborative and systematic approaches to bring out the best in both educators and the students they serve.