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Empowering You to Live a Fearlessly Focused Life (1.5 CEU’s)


Dr. Lori Ochoa will present ways in which we can live fearlessly focused lives and build resilience utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Coaching and Training.

Objective #1: Participants will understand how to be with their fear rather than avoid it or run away from it. Participants will learn the various costs when we try to get rid of fear rather than learning how to be with it in a productive way (Acceptance/Defusion).

Objective #2: Participants will learn the importance of values-setting for their life and how aligning behaviors with your values will help you build resilience and become focused on your life’s purpose despite obstacles and fear (Committed Action/Values).

Objective #3: Participants will learn the importance of perspective-taking and the role of self-compassion when they are feeling stuck or overwhelmed with fear and/or life’s obstacles to learn how to be open with their experience (Present Moment/Self-as-context).

Dr. Lori Ochoa, Phd, BCBA-D