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The Telehealth Toolbox (2.0 CEU’s)


 As a result of the Coronavirus Crisis, many behavior analysts have been experiencing high anxiety as they’re forced to make the shift to the use of Telehealth to continue services.  If you are one of these behavior analysts, or if you are just wanting to learn more about applications of applied behavior analysis through Telehealth, you don’t want to miss this CE Event.  In these easy to digest series of modules, we summarize various Telehealth research and provide tips related to:
  1. What is Telehealth?
  2. Ethical Considerations
  3. Modalities
  4. Structuring Your Day
  5. Transitioning from 1:1 in-person to Telehealth
  6. Behavioral Training
  7. Behavioral Coaching
  8. Behavioral Coaching and Troubleshooting Technology
  9. Video Modeling
  10. Video Feedback
  11. Functional Behavior Assessment
  12. Functional Analysis
  13. Social Skills
  14.  Functional Communication Training
  15. Antecedent Strategies
  16.  Consequence Strategies
If you want to begin building your Telehealth skills or deepening your existing Telehealth Toolbox so you can better meet the needs of the learners and caregivers you serve, this is for you!