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Position: Vice President of PA Operations
Email: [email protected]
Location: NJ

Joshua Zeigler has worked in the field of behavioral services since 2005. Mr. Zeigler’s work experience includes counseling adjudicated youth from the Baltimore and DC area, providing supervisory and clinical support of children and adolescents in residential programs who are affected by Autism, varying degrees of Intellectual Disability and other Comorbid diagnosis. Mr. Zeigler joined BDA in 2015. Since joining BDA, Mr. Zeigler has supported families and learners in their homes, the community, residential and group home settings, and various schools in the Philadelphia Area. Mr. Zeigler is currently the Vice President of Operations in PA with the emphasis in providing support for learners and families in their home, the community and the school setting.


Vice President of PA Operations

Joshua Zeigler has worked in the field of behavioral services...

Professional Advisory Board

Julie S. Vargas, PhD

Formerly Skinner, Author and Educator

E.A. Vargas, PhD

Vice President, B.F. Skinner Foundation


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